Fundraiser Picture Show for “Evidence”: Women, Empowered and Imperiled


2012-07-19 16.28.44
Students at Lady Doak College, Madurai, India

IMG_1480IMG_1464 (1)

a lot of women work in healthcare
One of my amazing groups of women professors after our training program
A talented woman artist who thrives in an artists community established in the l960s
Indian women are going into the police in droves- it’s a good government job
A young, progressive educated couple: Romula teaches graphic communications and her husband is an editor for the liberal Hindu newspaper
She was a social work student five years ago- stuck in a loveless marriage with a philandering husband and is prohibited from working by her husband’s family
IMG_3027 (1)
Jessie, our “maid”, was paid about $19 per month for cleaning our apartment and doing laundry 12 hours per week- our landlady is a wealthy woman with successful professional children living in the US
IMG_1706 (1)
a fishmonger



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