Young Indian Lawyers- in preparation

Because I’ve been unable to get access to Indian police or police stations for interviews, I have decided to transform the protagonist in my novel from a police woman to a law student.  Law should be a lot more accessible for me to research.  Enjoyed meeting a group of Indian law students the other day- full of energy and ideas.  I asked them questions about their education, the practice of law in India, their future plans.  I asked them whether it would be realistic to have my protagonist go to a police station with law school friends to file a charge of “honor killing” against a wealthy builder in the area.  They all felt it was unrealistic.  Young students would be too afraid of getting in trouble- with their parents!  One young man suggested, however, that I should add a romantic element to my story and have a boyfriend accompany her- that could be realistic!

These young people seemed so different from their parents- one young woman thought that youngsters should be able to live together before marriage.  Most of the women said they planned to practice law after marriage, although many Indian women do NOT work after marriage.

IMG_3015 (1)

The Indian legal system has some interesting differences with the US system- the Supreme Court created a new legal remedy called Public Interest Litigation.  Any citizen can file a case complaining of a community problem that needs to be remedied by the court, even if they are not directly affected themselves.  This goes directly against the Western concept of “standing”.  These cases often result in very progressive outcomes.  Indian High Courts are quite activist and make rulings that would not happen in the US.  My hope is that some of these youngsters will use the PIL system to seek progressive change in their communities!


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