Vignettes of my Fulbright Project: What do Indian Instructors and Students Think About SCL?

As my Fulbright project draws to a close, I’ve put together a slideshow of video vignettes of my Indian colleagues and students responding to “Student Centered Learning” (SCL).  I’m so grateful to these wonderful educators and students who are embracing 21st century teaching and learning methods!  These are folks who are very ready to move out of the 19th century British lecture method to a more democratic, participatory and technology-based world of learning.  Thank you my Friends!

Sorry this slideshow/video is 14 minutes long- but that’s what I was able to record and edit using only my I-phone and the editing capacity of Mac Photos!

SCL in India- Learning for the Millenial Generation

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nisha. says:

    Great work dear Mam my pleasure to be part of this training.


    1. Thanks Nisha! I hope you enjoyed the little video! Cynthia


    2. Thanks Nisha hope you enjoyed the video! Cynthia


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