Muslim Architecture in Delhi- precursors to the Taj Mahal

I was struck by the beauty of Muslim architecture in Delhi- a small group of us Fulbrighters went into the city from our conference to spend a few hours visiting Humayun’s Tomb and the Lodi Garden. Muslims invaded India and ruled during many kingdoms in antiquity- Humayum was one of many. His Tomb is a huge property with multiple buildings, open green areas, and amazing stone and latticework and carving. The geometry of the architecture and the decorative areas is typically simple- circles, star shapes, triangles, curves. But the juxtaposition and varying sizes and shapes is very pleasing to the eye. The Lodi Garden also contains an ancient tomb and mosque and tomb with lavish gardens, carvings, and walkways. Note the giant bougainvillea vine towering over a tree- India is full of these bright pink, orange and white flowered vines, many climbing to huge heights on fences, walls and trees.

Enjoy this musical slideshow of my 1/2 day in Delhi.



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  1. cindy sommers says:

    Gorgeous, Cynthia! Thanks

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  2. Tomas says:

    Very good!


  3. debjones505 says:

    Great slideshow! The geometry is incredible.
    Speaking of architecture, did you hear that the Pritzker Prize this year was awarded to the Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi? NPR did a nice story:


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