Occasional glimpses of magic

Had lunch at a hotel the other day and one of the waiters gave me a book he had written.  It turns out he has an MBA in Tourism and Hotel Management.  It’s interesting to see how many young Indians are well educated but not well placed in employment.  Perhaps that’s true of many young Americans as well!

Subramani Cheenu comes from a family of farmers, and I was so surprised to learn from his book and our conversation that he wants to be a farmer too.  His book is written in Tamil and includes poetry, information on India’s need for farmers, and pictures of his family working in the fields.  Although I wasn’t able to read the book because of my lack of understanding of formal, written Tamil, I got the gist.  He feels passionately that his country needs food.  He also wants to live in a rural area where the air is clean, unlike the air of polluted Chennai.  The title of his book is “A Farmer’s Son”.


Subramani’s parents are opposed to his idea.

They want him to lead what they consider a better life, an educated urban life.  But he sounds adamant, and his new wife who works in IT is apparently willing to go with his dream.

This young man’s dream is the opposite of the typical son of  rural India.  I hope he does find a way to live and work and raise a family in a more quiet, clean and natural environment.  There may be magic in his dream.  And who knows, perhaps he will find ways to move into organic farming- there is very little movement in that direction in India, with widespread use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  I’ll have to ask him the next time I order chicken curry at his hotel!  And I need to get a better photo of him than this copy from his little book- he now looks quite handsome in his golden waiter outfit with a dark moustache.




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  1. Adele Strasser says:

    I was very moved by this having witnessed the same dilemma amongst some young
    ‘farmers at hear’ in the Hispanic and Native populations of rural northern New Mexico.


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