New Mexico on the rise?

I live in New Mexico, a very poor state in the US.  The state has a combination of long-time poverty and economic distress due to past reliance on oil revenue.  I was heartened to watch this PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) news item on efforts to increase entrepreneurship in the state.  My Indian friends may be surprised to know that the US has a lot of poverty, especially within minority communities.  I’m not convinced that small businesses will lift many people out of poverty, but this is an interesting piece that includes some very encouraging work by young Native Americans.  (Yes, they are called Indians!  I think you all know why.  The Spaniards thought they had reached India when they sailed to the shores of North America. Oh, the intelligence of invading Europeans!)

Entrepreneurs in New Mexico

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  1. Tomas says:

    I agree, small business is not the answer to New Mexico’s economic woes. How about public works programs to fix the infrastructure, training for technology and service jobs . That would be a good start!


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