Outdoor Markets Galore

I love the colors and smells (or at least most of the smells) of India’s many small out doors markets- mostly veggies and fruit, usually a single vendor, often a woman, with a little pile of something. Other spots are bigger. I live near the beach and a little fishing village where fisher women sell the fish as soon as it is brought on shore. There it gets a  little smelly!

I asked this veggie seller her name:  It’s Mallikai.  Jasmine.  In her little cart you will see carrots, eggplant, “bitter gourd”, drumsticks, tomatoes, cauliflower, potatoes, purple onions, limes, peas and more. She said the veggies all came from Mylapore, the area where she is selling.  I’m not sure what she means- I don’t think there are farms here, but probably distribution centers.

This healthy fellow who I don’t think is a fisherman describes his wares:  he’s got seer fish, pomfret, “lady fish”, baby shark, crab, prawns, and more.


And here we have papers and magazines!




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  1. Tomas says:

    Nice looking fish and vegies!


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