Medical Tourist!

I’ve never been a medical tourist before, but since I’m in India, and since my Albuquerque dentist told me six months ago that I needed six new crowns at $1500 each, I’m now a medical tourist in India!

I’ve been very happy with the quality of my care at Acharya Dental, which I found on the web. I decided to try them based on a video on their website by an American woman who had them do implants and praised their services. This practice was started more than 40 years ago by a female dentist, and I was served by her very competent son. They seemed to have a very smoothly running operation, modern equipment and skills, and a diverse clientele including international folks from the Consulate and from the American school in town.


Can you believe Rs. 80,000 for five crowns (several replacements and several new crowns) and a couple cavities that needed to be filled? That’s $1250. If I had these crowns done by my ABQ dentist, it would have cost me $7500. So I’m paying 17% of the American cost here in India.

Need a bunch of dental work? It might serve you to pay for a $1200 round trip ticket to get your work done here and see a little of India while you’re at it!   Of course you would have to figure out the cost of accommodations etc, but you might still come out ahead!

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