Wild wonderful colors of India

I’m back in Madurai, the ancient temple city where I grew up. It feels like a small town now after the massive, 8-million, sprawling city of Chennai. I’m on my way to spend a 10-day holiday season in the hills where I used to attend boarding school, visiting a favorite retired teacher from that school.

Here is Madurai, it’s still the same crazy traffic as Chennai with old, narrow streets- but the air is cleaner and the neighborhoods are quiet. Took a lovely walk early this morning – women were decorating their house entrances with colorful “kolams”, perhaps more elaborate than usual for the month of celebration. These traditional chalk drawings have become more colorful over the years and each woman gets to be creative.


I love the passionate colors that people choose in India- for clothing, for houses, for decorations, and for worshiping God. Homes are unabashedly colorful- purple, pink and everything in between.


It’s a holy season this month- a time to worship all the gods- called Margari (phonetic pronunciation).  Women sit by the side of the road weaving flower garlands for folks to buy and take to the temple for worship.  It’s a happy time!  And perhaps everyone is happy that the weather is so much cooler this time of year.  

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  1. Linda Haupt says:

    Thank you Cynthia for taking time to share the colors of India. I feel as if I am there. Blessed Holidays to you, you secured a wonderful house sitter in Esther.


  2. Kristien Evans says:

    Such beautiful designs and vibrant colours.


  3. Phyllis M Skoy says:

    Beautiful! I love the colors of India. There is a stairway in Istanbul that is colorfully painted. Discovered it in 2014 when we stayed there, but not like this!! Enjoy your holiday there and your past history there. Hope you are also writing!


  4. Adele Strasser says:

    Oh thank you for passing along this celebration with a box of chalk and one’s own expression – such a joyful decoration for one’s entry. I just returned from Bhutan, Cynthia, where color is used to depict the sacred everywhere….. Adele


  5. Tomas says:

    Brightly colored geometric and organic shapes, very inspiring!


  6. Cindy Sommers says:

    Thanks Cynthia. Sounds like you’re enjoying your adventure. I sure enjoy reading about it!


  7. Jean Hanna says:

    Yes I know about these and have made these with kids in my art class.
    Thanks for the lovely images!


    1. Hi Jean, watch for my post in a couple days about kolams- you will love them! Cyn


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