the lushness of South Indian greenery

South India, especially in the rainy season, is very green and lush!  Here are some photos of local trees and shrubs on the Stella Maris College campus and around my apartment.  This first photo is of a very large, old rain tree- the photo doesn’t quite capture it’s size and beautiful inviting arms that reach down low and across.  One of the photos below features the ubiquitous Indian crow, a delightful bird that throngs all over India- and everywhere demonstrates it’s clever antics, chatter, and ability to survive.  I’ve always loved crows- their intelligence, their beauty, their family life, their loud caws, and the way they jump and play.  Childhood memories…. More on that in another post!  IMG_1513IMG_1534IMG_1528IMG_1529IMG_1515IMG_1524IMG_1514

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  1. GORGEOUS….. Because of the monsoon rains, everything is lush and green…. We have the same lushness and greenness but different kinds of mountain plants and trees and flowers. What an amazing country this is.


    1. Yes, India is amazing. In all it’s wild craziness and beauty!


  2. Joanna53 says:

    Love the pictures! Keep them coming.I feel I’m there with you!


  3. Joanna53 says:

    Love the pictures. Keep posting them! I can vicariously experience India with you via your blog! Thanks!


  4. Phyllis M Skoy says:

    Love the ubiquitous crow!! Off to NYC today and will be reading there. Next comment after I’m back in a week!


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