Why I clutch the vehicle and close my eyes in Indian urban traffic

Riding an auto rickshaw is halfway between the terror of riding a car and riding a scooter and riding a bus and walking – in Indian traffic. There appears to be no method to the madness, as dozens of vehicles rush by each other without regard to speed, proximity, lanes, lights or any other controls. And yet somehow, like a wild river rushing over rocks and crevasses and more rocks, the metal and the soft tissue of humans manage to slide and slither by each other at high speeds without touching. (Actually, India does have a high rate of accidents, but it’s amazing there are not more.)

OK, ready for a sample of this terrible ride? Grip your seat and share this evening’s ride with me in the back of an auto-rickshaw.

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  1. Linda Haupt says:

    Cynthia, well put! Riding in India is that exact experience. How do they do it? Folks in Albuquerque could take a lesson. Your posts remind me fondly of my experiences in strangely memorable India. Namaste 🙏 Linda #80. P.S.
    Enjoyed meeting Ester. Lots of love to you. The food looks amazing. The ashram where I stayed was awesomely vegetarian too.


    1. Yes, it’s a wonderfully crazy place! Cynthia


  2. Phyllis M Skoy says:

    Wow! It’s a bit more subdued than the traffic in Beijing but just as crowded. Not quite as noisy:) Looks like a lot of fun!


    1. I”m not sure I would call the traffic fun! I’m actually switching from terrified to in denial, back to terrified, most of the time. There’s a lot of Uber here and I’ve been traveling in cars more than auto-rickshaws- at least a car gives the illusion of more safety than careening around in an open air vehicle!


  3. Tomas Wolff says:

    Crazy traffic. A comparable time for me was taking a bus on a dirt road in the Andes at high speed! At least you are going somewhat slower?


    1. I”m not sure how fast the traffic is moving here! It seems very fast but that may be because it’s so intense and crowded. Perhaps I don’t see accidents because people are going slow enough to avoid them.


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