Vegetarian food in India is a serious affair!

Just had the most amazing vegetarian meal I’ve had in years! This sumptuous hotel I’m in this week has two excellent restaurants- today I tried the South Indian specialty restaurant and ordered the “thali” meal. Typically this is a round metal, lipped plate with rice and 5-6 vegetarian sides that include various lentils, spices, veggies and yogurt. The meal might include a chapatti (wheat flat bread) and is finished with yogurt rice and pickles.

Well… this meal went beyond the call of duty.  Phase I was the appetizers:  crunchy snacks with four different kinds of chutney, with fried onions and a corn patty on the side.


Next came the main part of the meal with the most amazing array of dishes: curried new potatoes, a coconut and veggie dish, mango sambar (never had that before), potato and chickpeas, a dish with black eyed peas, rasam (sour, hot soup), and a couple others. The rice was not plain rice, it was vegetarian biryani, a delectable concoction of rice and spices. With that came two wheat breads: chapatti and parotha.   I ate about 70% of this and was stuffed.


But wait, there’s more! I was then served an “appam”, a steamed rice thin bowl with sweetened coconut milk dip.  All I could manage was a few nibbles.


I told the server I could not possibly eat the final onslaught and they didn’t bring it: this was a dosai and an “oopatham”.  How could anyone eat this much? But I did agree to eat the dessert, which was rich and sweet as Indian desserts usually are: a lentil-based sweet pudding and a coconut bar.


Finally, I was brought the after-dinner spice and sugar box to aid digestion, and then a warm water and lime bowl to wash my fingers.


What did all this cost? $17. A bit high for an Indian meal, but it was worth it. I would have happily shared this with someone, but the menu said NO SHARING!  The customer was very satisified.


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  1. Phyllis M Skoy says:

    Ohhh, what a beautiful meal!! They sure do know how to stuff you. Lovely posts, Cynthia. Keep them coming.


    1. Cynthia Dettman, Vagabond says:

      Gracias mi Amiga! Cynthia


  2. Cynthia Dettman, Vagabond says:

    Thanks Phyllis! This blog is a great opportunity for me to share my adventures and practice my writing skills too! Cynthia


  3. Tomas says:

    Yum, yum, yum!


    1. I’m actually starting to get some indigestion from all the grease and spices- but it is DELICIOUS!!!


  4. emmyageros says:

    Where are you staying? Not at the Severa by any chance? Actually the lobby pics look too nice for the Severa but then again it’s been QUITE a few years!!


    1. Yes, I was surprised that the Fulbright office put me up for a week at the Savera. It’s definitely a high class hotel- three restaurants, a coffee shop, a spa, and amazing food and service!


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