My new “facilitator”, Amanda

I’m blessed with a young social work grad from Stella Maris College who is my new temporary assistant as I get acclimatized to life in Chennai.  Amanda got her MSW at this Catholic women’s college and is is now a research assistant there engaged in a study related to why Indian youngsters drop out of school.  Amanda has been so helpful- in my daze of jet lag and at least some culture shock after a little more than 24 hours in India- with finding maps, getting me an Indian phone number and service, teaching me how to use Uber in India, and generally being very kind and accommodating.  Indian young people are just as savvy as American kids when it comes to technology – her hands fly across the smart phone and she quickly figures out how to do everything.  She tells me she comes from an Anglo-Indian family, studied in a hilltop boarding school throughout her childhood, and drives around this big, buzzing city in a “two-wheeler” (scooter).  Amanda tells me I remind her of her grandmother, who also has short white hair.  I can’t wait to learn more about her and her family!  Here’s a more visible photo of Amanda.



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  1. Phyllis M Skoy says:

    She is beautiful! Sounds like you are settling in quite nicely.


    1. Grateful for help! The first few days of jet lag and culture shock are difficult- and a vibrant young person to assist is just what I need! Cynthia


  2. Tomas says:

    Sounds like you’re getting off to a good start!


    1. Yes- a good start! although I do feel rather dazed and disoriented. Normal, I’m sure! Cynthia


  3. Amanda Rozario says:

    This is so sweet! Thank you for your kind words Ma’am.. ❤ it is a pleasure getting to know you!
    Very inspired and impressed by your blog!


    1. The same back to you, Amanda. It’s a privilege to know you! Cynthia


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