heading to India in a week!

Friends, I can’t believe it.  I received a second Fulbright grant, and will be heading to India very soon.  I”m grateful for the opportunity to serve again, this time in Chennai, a large and cosmopolitan city in Tamilnadu,  South India.  My project is to train Indian faculty to engage in “student centered learning”- that is, to move from a traditional lecture format to a highly engaged, participatory, and democratic set of classroom activities and strategies.  More details to come.  On the side, I hope to do research for a novel-in-progress, that features a young Indian policewoman faced with an “honor killing” in her own extended family.  I’ll be posting the results of my research and introducing you to how I see the complexities of life in modern India.  Thanks for embarking on this grand adventure with me!

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  1. Mimi Smith says:

    Excited for this journey and training opportunity! I will look forward to following your blog and also your fledgling novel set in India – sounds like the type of story-telling I enjoy! Safe travels and rewarding experiences!


  2. psittnick says:

    Blessings, love. Hope you’re having a soft landing. Looking forward to your posts. XO


    1. gracias mi amigo! Have you subscribed to my other blog as well?

      It’s 3 am and I can’t sleep. Normal jet lag. Many adventures await!

      Hugs Cynthia


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